muffin_goddess (muffin_goddess) wrote,

in less lulzy news

hubby's joinin' the nat'l guard. we need the money, and soon, this was an absolute last resort. but I'm really proud of him. he goes to enlist on may 1st, and he needs to drop some weight and a couple inches off his waste to make tape before then, and he's been working so hard. I'm happy he's so motivated, but at the same time... I'm going to miss him so much. I'll be moving in with my friend Dayna, who's like my BFF out here. =) I know she's going to be an incredible help while Evan's away. she's such a fantasticamazingwonderfullovelyterrific person. ^-^ Probably the only other person who can maintain my sanity and stand living with me as well as Evan, except maybe my mom, and MJ. ^_^ in good news!! Graduating in June if i pass everything this quarter, which looks pretty likely since I've managed to hold B Honor Roll position the last 3. ^_^ Yeah, I'm pretty proud of myself, I'm not even gonna lie. Next year I'll be going to Minneapolis Community and Technical College for Apparel Technologies. Having a field trip to St. Paul college on Monday, and later in the quarter we'll be going to the UofM. I'm doing... alright. I've certainly been much better, but I'm doing alright for now.

miss you guys.

If anyone's going to CONvergence, I WILL BE THERE NO MATTER WHAT!!! ^_^
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